Los Angeles

I visited America in the Summer of 2012, we flew from the best airport in the world, Heathrow!!

After a long flight we landed in LAX.Whoop Whoop!

My Favourite Parts of Los Angeles:

1)Universal Studios

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Although a very costly family trip out, all my family agree that it was absolutely fantastic. You are greeted amazingly with a photographer and a red carpet before you enter the studios. The Studio Tour was flippin fabulous, I was scared out of my skin at the Psycho part of the tour and disappointed when the Earthquake part didn`t work but I was super impressed with the Jurassic World and King Kong Parts. Not going to lie I did not know what was going on at the Plane part. 😉

I loved the Simpsons Ride and Jurassic World. I would completely recommend this place.

2)Santa Monica Boardwalk

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This is the best Boardwalk in the world, well at least the best boardwalk I`ve been on. Filled with restaurants and attractions you could never get bored here. I really do mean never.

3)Walk of Fame

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I loved looking at the ground and pointing out famous names with my mum. It really was a lovely trip.

4) Taco bell

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If your not into Mexican or Foreign Foods maybe avoid this option, but I do have to mention. TACO BELL! Ok so the quesadillas are delicious and the Tortillas are too die for! If you haven`t been, for sure check it out.

5) Go to see the Hollywood Sign!

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I am pretty sure everyone knows what the Hollywood sign is. I have to say when I saw it I was so shocked, It was unbelievable, it was like Woah I`m here, I am really here.

I hope you enjoyed this Top 5 and remember




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