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Know Your Worth

Obviously I don’t mean financially because then we’d all be bankrupt.

It’s very easy to hear someone say “Know your worth, love” “Move away from those people” “You shouldn’t be treated this way” however in reality you can’t escape and being pushed down is the not so end but end result.

Now notice I say `Not so end’ because you can climb out of that gloomy, miserable place with glee and dignity by following the following:

  • Learn to not care. Clearly you should watch your words, however out of experience, when throwing words out of your mouth it can indeed end up with knives piercing back at you. So don’t slip up. Be clear and punctual with words. Never regret something you say. Although you feel like you are walking on already broken egg shells you should think before you say, just a heads up 🙂
  • Learn to be who you are. Oh no not this again. Throughout all 14 and 11 months of my life I have changed, for better and for worse, in sickness and in health. Even if we prefer six-year-old Evelyn we must accept she grew up and altered. Think of yourself as a clay sculpture; we turn and turn (time moving) and we are shaped and formed, we can grow but we can also fall. Although a clay sculpture dries and can’t be put back together that’s not my point…Moving on.
  • Dignity. What would your grandma say?

I think me telling you all these ideas will (hopefully) help, but like many other personal topics, Knowing your worth whether that be: appearance, behaviour, friendships, relationships etc is something only you can achieve.

When you learn how much you’re worth you’ll stop giving people discounts.#


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