Last Day!

Today we left for home at 3.30pm so the day was`nt long but it was a ton of fun (the shopping not the travel 🙂 ) I went to one shop to spend my money in, although I did go to lots of shops. SEPHORA! I purchased one item for 550 Korona which is £17.16 […]

Day 3!

{Not own photography, found pictures online} This day was by far the busiest day.We started the day at the AquaPalace, which was amazing (in the last 5 minutes we were panicking because we got lost and we found a whole 2 new areas) and huge! Yeah, it was……! We then  did the Castle tour  The […]

Day 2!

{NOT MY PHOTOGRAPHY } On Sunday 24th we travelled 2  1/2 hours to the border of the Czech Republic to visit the beautiful town of Karlovy Vary. Here we had free time to travel up the tiny tram to the tower *the tram is VERY steep. The tram is the thing that looks like the […]

City Tour Of Prague..

I recently went on an amazing school trip (I know right! sounds bizarre the words amazing and school put together) to Prague, Czech Republic. So even though the way there took a whopping painful 28 Hours it was totally worth it, you`ll be relieved to know the way back went a lot faster and was […]