Would Love List: February

Today I am starting a new series: the clothes that have been in my ‘basket’ for a while that I would love to own. Category: T-Shirts Pretty Little Thing:  £10.00  Tricky since, technically, I shouldn’t wear this any other day  of the week except Saturday, but I do love red and I do think that […]

Summer Fashion Trends!

While the weather isn’t fab, It is summer. The green crisp grass crunches as you walk to the villa with a beautiful mango sunset arching above the crystal blue pool. A wash of cool wind tickles at your toes and the  gleaming sun beams radiance onto your golden tan. But you’re wearing socks with sandals……. […]

Trend or Trash?

 (creds to pinterest) Hi, So I thought it was about time for another fashion post. Here are some trends about to cherish like a bud on a blossom tree.. Band Tees: To be honest, I think they can look super cool when pulled off. However I think bands like Nirvana and others should be only […]

Autumn Fashion 2016

Im so sorry for the lack of blogging recently, Im sorry to my readers and Im sorry to my dad`s bank allowance because it costs money to run a blog and I haven t been blogging much. Partly because I was uninspired or had writers block and partly because I am a busy busy bee! […]

Fashion Focus: Bikini’s Don’ts!

This lil blog post is all about S.U.M.M.E.R!!!! Well….its about Bikinis I would recommend to wear on a Summer Holiday. Bikinis to avoid: I wouls recommend avoiding this Bikini- just think of the odd tan lines you are going to get. I admit this bikini is quirky and fun  but keep in mind the tan […]


These are the typical beach sunglasses, but totally cool and cover your eyes well. I bought (well actually my mum bought them, thanks mum 😉 ) someaviators from Debenams for £10, compared to Michael Kors sunglasses range it’s totally cheap!, www.heritagemalta.org Here are my fave aviator style, Gold rim with brown in the middle, my […]

Dad Caps!

On Music.ly (If you don’t know what Music.ly is, here is a brief description) Music.ly An app used to lip sync to videos, using hand gestures. It can either be pronounced as Musicly or Music.ally. So as I was saying…. On Music.ly I have seen a Muser (STOP! If you are confused this is the name […]

Fashion Do #3

We all need to Stop and appreciate this picture I am about to show you; it is so IN STYLE and Fleeky. PLUS! we need to thank to model, photographer and most importantly the designer! 🙂  Yeah, I know this is so simple but Checkered Shirts are REALLY IN STYLE! The On fleek sunglasses (For […]

Woah No! Fashion Don’t #3

So this Fashion No go is not exactly ‘Fashion’ but it is a NO GO  so we will call it a ‘Accessory No Go!’ This isn’t the exact picture I saw and took  (It wont load for some reason – see why I don’t like I.C.T 😉 ) But this is similar… www.pinterest.comstyleblazer.com This is […]

Fashion Do’s #3

Now,lately I have been inactive on my blog -sorry I have been busy with School and Swimming- but I am going to write an article about Colour’s Tip 1: Good Colour’s to Blend #1 Grey and Pink, this combination is unusual but surprisingly works quite well together! #2 Grey and Yellow… When I say Yellow […]