Worth the Hype?

Hello! Happy Birthday Blog! Today my blog is 1 year old so I am treating you guys to a worth the hype post. So today it is hard to escape the temptation to buy items raved about online and through youtube,instagram etc, But I`m here to talk to you about 5 makeup items I own […]

My Winter Makeup in Five Steps..

makeup winter I`m not Kim Kardashian. I do not have two dedicated hours where someone puts my makeup on,and to be honest I would not want someone else to waste two hours putting makeup that I am only going to take off 10 hours later.  However in the morning (mostly the weekends because I literally […]

Matte Lipsticks!

A reason purchase of mine is the NYX Matte Lip Cream, Can you let me know whether you pronounce it Nix or EN-WHY-EX ? I say EN-WHY-EX I don`t know? I have been looking for a Matte Lipstick but I was concerned because I have heard that Matte Lipsticks damage your lips and should be […]

Natural Makeup Look!

This post is all about makeup! *reads that first sentence and fist bumps the air!* If youre like me, you will buy cheap chirpy drugstore makeup and test it out, but you`ll also own a few high-end faves eg: Benefit or bourjois. So in this post I will chat about – well type at least- […]