Curly & Plaited!

This style is perfect for gals for long hair. Also, for the best beachy hair I would recommend plaiting  before bed  and waking up with beachy waves. Either hide the ends or tie with transparent hair ties. This is Blake Lively wearing this very simple but pretty hairstyle. To Do:  Create curls either by using Hair Curlers […]

High Ponytail!

#2 High Ponytail NOTE: FOR BEST LOOK STRAIGHTEN HAIR AND WRAP HAIR AROUND! 🙂 You will need: Hair Brush 1 Hair Bobble Hairspray   To Do: Straighten the hair and using the hair brush, and comb through Flick the hair back and forward, and Pull hair high on to the top of the head. Brush […]

Double Dutch Braid

#1 Double Dutch Braid/Plait   – This was a very popular braid/plait in 2015 and I still wear it in my hair often because it keeps hair out of my face and makes beautiful crazy waves in your hair after! You will need: 2 Hair Bobbles (Thats just what I call them you may know […]