Know Your Worth

Obviously I don’t mean financially because then we’d all be bankrupt. It’s very easy to hear someone say “Know your worth, love” “Move away from those people” “You shouldn’t be treated this way” however in reality you can’t escape and being pushed down is the not so end but end result. Now notice I say […]

Inner Strength

My blog isn’t like a shop. Although you can physically log on and read my point of view, I physically can’t help you gain strength. Whether its standing up for yourself, admitting the truth or even a game in PE, I still can’t give you confidence. Its not just me, likewise you wouldn’t be able […]

Avoid Toxicity

  Do you have someone in your life who constantly leaves you out? Perhaps they belittle you by complimenting everyone but you or they never say well done but you feel you’re always there to compliment them.You’re in a toxic relationship.   There are only two things I can do to help you out: Show […]