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Would Love List: February

Today I am starting a new series: the clothes that have been in my ‘basket’ for a while that I would love to own.

Category: T-Shirts

Pretty Little Thing: 


Red SATURDAY Slogan T Shirt Tricky since, technically, I shouldn’t wear this any other day  of the week except Saturday, but I do love red and I do think that this over-sized look would look amaze with denim jeans.



 This top is a statement  and a half but tucked into a red skirt casually could make for a stylish and powerful outfit.


 I have always loved the rainbow pattern, so obviously I am a big fan of this.




 Paired correctly, these “pants” (trousers) could look, paired incorrectly they could look

New look


Red Tie Waist Trousers  

Paper Bag Trousers, I think are especially flattering when paired with white.

A few other faves….


£6.08                               £15

Romwe                          Pretty Little Thing



 Romwe :£14.81 Told you I liked the rainbow print 🙂

Dresses and Playsuits


All Romwe

£6.67                       £7.18                      £6.89                            £6.67


The stripe trend carries on…..

Black Sports Stripe Denim Skirt    Dark Wash Sports Stripe Denim Skirt  From left to right: Pretty Little Thing £22, Pretty Little Thing £22 and Missguided £25

Both of these skirts are Pretty Little Thing, but I have seen similar skirts at Boohoo for £15-£18 and TopShop for £28-£32.


I love myself a sweater, so here is a collection for you to binge on!

White Ultimate Cropped Sweater Pretty Little Thing £15- Prefer Red and Black, worried about the sun tan lotion marks


Not a very chatty blog but hopefully successful in informing you in some of my fave wish-list items

Evie xox

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